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by Mom and Dad

     Hello and welcome.  I am Mom.  Dad and I learned our calling in life over decades of trial and error.  We have produced an informative tell all book.  Our book contains every little detail of how people successfully market marijuana.  It is considered a guide to early retirement.  In a few hours of reading the book you will gain years of experience.  My favorite chapter in the book is dealing with all the different people you will encounter.  There are so many walks of life waiting to be explored.  Readers are telling us they remember parts of the book when coping with real life situations.  All in the comfort of your own home.

2 Ways to Purchase

1. Book delivered free by priority express mail - $25.00


2. Book emailed to you - $10.00


USA $funds for orders outside Canada.

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Cash, Cheque or International Money Order (made out to cash),
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Mom and Dad
re: Story
PO Box 71
60-1100 Princess Royal Ave.
Nanaimo, BC, Canada
V9S 5R5





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Terry Horner from Arizona
Wonderful incite to marketing marijuana.  It is legal here and the information is very useful.  Many people want the discretion of a nice home to purchase their medicinal marijuana.  Knowing how to deal with different people is a godsend.  I look forward to retiring to my marijuana.  The extra income is phenomenal.   Thank you for sharing your years of experience.

Ming Jong from Nagoya, Japan
Thank you mom and dad.  Thank you for letting me know in advance that people will say anything to get credit off you.  People sure do find a way to get the money really fast when you just say no to credit.  On the other hand knowing who to say "Yes you may front" can reap $$$ dollars.  Learned the art of discretion.  Laws are strict here and your book tells how to be careful.  Here's to our early retirement.  I bow to you.

Brian and Amanda Keller from Bohn, Germany
First of all we'd like to thank you for sharing your years of experience.  It was nice to be informed you do not have to grow to be successful marketing marijuana.   You saved us time and money.  Well worth the money you ask for the book.   Emailing the book is a stroke of genius.  We'll buy your next book.

Cindy LeClair from Montreal, Quebec
Thank you for sharing years of marketing experience in one book.  Your advertisement of learning decades of experiences in hours is right on the money.  Most of the population would keep all this information to themselves.  Maybe the market will become a better place to be in the near future.  Early retirement is quite attainable.

Bill Baker from Blaine, Washington
This book covers the ABC's of marketing marijuana.  Fabulous to see people with the balls to write this information.  Long time coming.  Your options of stash spots is brilliant.  Nice to know there are others ways to make money off marijuana than simply selling it.  The other day when in a head shop I remembered your advice in the book to ask for a supplier and I found one for pipes.  I get way better prices now and my friends are starting to ask for me to get them pipes now.  I am a family man and my children thank you.

Krystal Greene of Los Angeles, California
A great book for learning the marijuana ropes.  Good section on neighbors and how to deal with them.  I particularly like the section about weeding out the heatscores.   Man, do I ever think about your chapter on dealing with friends.  Funny how they think they can get away without paying because they are so called "friends".  Good Luck and Godspeed.

Red Marshall from Algonquin Park, Ontario, Canada
You have made it easy to understand how people are making large sums of money from marketing marijuana.  Your life stories are parallel to millions of people from our generation.  Wonderful to see a couple pull themselves off welfare.

Steve White from Perth, Australia
The ideas used by you two are definitely applicable to my city and circle of friends.   I love how you put people in perspective when dealing with marijuana.  I learned how to increase sales and eliminate bad debts.  Thanks mom and dad.  I look forward to early retirement.

Mary and Ken O'Sullivan of Dublin, Ireland
As beginners to the world of marijuana we learned invaluable lessons from the book.  We were thinking of becoming growers and adding to our income.  Reading this book saved us time and headache and money.  Their should be more people like you in this world.  You guys are the greatest.  Can't thank you enough.  Got any more books?

Manny Trio from New York City, USA
The book showed me how to stay away from the really seedy side of the business.   Bringing the marijuana world into the comfort of your own home is where it's at.   Cool stash areas you talk about.  The chapter on dealing with the extra income is awesome.  Everyone and their brother smokes marijuana in New York City and I should be able to make some of the money.  Staying off welfare is my goal in life and your book helps.  Thanks again.  Puff one for New York.